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What Is Sound Art?
Curator's Note

2012 Exhibition, Art Lab Fort Collins, April 20-29
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     The Sound Through Barriers sound art exhibition and the performances concurrent with it came about through the Museum and Gallery Studies sequence offered at Front Range Community College, and would not have been possible without the support and boundless efforts of my instructor Jennie Kiessling, nor without the invaluable support, criticism and advice given by my partner Carrie Hodges.

     Very special thanks is due for the enthusiastic help given by Karl Dukstein, Lead Instructor of the Visual and Media Arts department and Debra Throgmorton, Lead Instructor of the Music, Theatre and Dance programs -- their support affirmed my faith in the interdisciplinary approach necessary for a sound art project of this nature.

     Thanks also to Keith Jentzsch, Andrew White, Dawn Putney, Chris Bates, Becky Hodges, David Nemeth, Ena Brantner, Mike Reider, Landon Ricker, Gary Ricker, Mary Jo Simons, Dawn Grapes, Deanna Vining, Michaele Charles, Darren Mahuron, David Porter, Cheri Brunvand, Tanja Ratajczak, Jordan Reider (for help w/ photos), Jennifer Davey, Barb Davies, Loretta Cummings, Grant Johnson, Deanna Vining, Laura Brent, Cassidy Garhart Velazquez, Preston Gillis, Sue Shapiro-Holleman, Jeanne Shoaff, Ron Holleman, Scott Hiller, Andrew Michler, Brent Thayer, Shawn Moran, Charles Gammil, James Lautenbach, and oh my gawd if I've forgotten to list your name here I totally am sorry, and I really sincerely did appreciate your help!!

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